Cider Experiences

CHC doesn’t have a tasting room open to the public — yet. But that does not mean you cannot have a CHC Cider experience.

Carriage House Cidery Tours

Construction on the carriage house and the home in front of it began in 1886. They are unique historic buildings. We literally had to clear out more than four tons of “stuff” accumulated over 135 years before we could begin the renovation. In the on-going process to bring the carriage house back to life we try to retain as much of the history and original character as possible.

We offer appointment only tours at no cost on request. We’re a small operation and it’s a small building, so tours don’t last a lifetime. We will show you around, attempt to answer questions and demonstrate how your cider is made. To schedule your tour email:

The Crush Experience

For years family and friends have gathered to help with the fall crush and cider making. It’s a mixture of hard work, camaraderie, lively conversation, laughter, good food, cider and fun. Small groups can create their own cider experiences, too (subject to Covid protocol and restrictions). We can accommodate groups up to a maximum of 12. The two-day experience includes:

  • An explanation and demonstration of the cider-making process.
  • In fall, inspecting, washing and crushing apples along with pressing fresh cider on our tented outdoor crush pad.
  • In Spring and Summer tasting, blending bottling and labeling cider.
  • A gallon of your fresh cider to take home with you.
  • One FREE case of the cider made from the juice you crush and a 20% discount off retail price for additional cider you made (ready approximately four months after your experience).
  • Your cider can be personalized with your own label (small extra charge).
  • Barrel tastings from fermentation through aging and bottling.
  • A farmhouse feast after your hard day’s work featuring locally grown produce, meats and fruit pies.
  • The story of a lifetime to tell while enjoying your personal cider with friends.

This authentic experience is real work, but really fun and truly an experience to remember. Great for wedding partie, team building or just a group of friends. Book now for 2024, email: to plan your Crush Experience.

The CHC Wedding Experience

Don’t just make a toast at your wedding, make the cider for your wedding toast! You and your family and friends or bridesmaids and groomsmen can share a Crush Experience as described above creating the special sparkling cider for the toast on your special day. 

But you have to plan ahead! It takes at least four months for the cider you make to sparkle along with you at your wedding. Email: to begin customizing your CHC Wedding Experience. Very limited availability in 2024.